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Suspension Announcement
Regarding the violence action during the game on 2 Feb 2013 (BallHog vs. Knights), we would like to announce the respective suspension and penalty arrangement.
1) The players from both teams (Player no.11 Ringo Leung from BallHog, Player no. 32 Ho Pui Lun Alan from Knights) will be suspended for all ABA games until the end of this season (including playoff).
2) No points will be rewarded on this game for both teams.
3) We reserved the right to process point deduction against both teams on the standing table, if violence action occur again in the future.
We strongly condemn any violence behavior within our basketball games. We hope that all the teams and players would understand our standpoint and all violence behavior will be penalized after the investigation.
All ABA friends, wish you continue enjoying our games and basketball.

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