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Suspension Announcement
Our committee had received an official complaint against one of the
players from Aliens regarding the violence action towards a player
of Barracuda.

From the video provided by the respective team, Aliens player Feman Hung
(#28) punched one of the Barracuda players after some body contacts
under the basket. Although the violence action happened just after the end
of the game, our association has decided for the following penalties:

1) Player (#28 Feman Hung) from Aliens will be suspended for 5 matches;
2) The suspension will extended into next season;
3) Aliens will be advised and required to manage their playersˇ¦ behaviors.

ABA reserves the right to deduct points or even disqualify any teams
with unsportsmanlike conducts with no refund of application fee/deposit.

It is the primary goal of HKBALLERS/ ABA to conduct basketball games
with high standard of sportsmanship. HKBALLERS/ ABA strongly condemn
and reserved our rights to penalize any violence behaviors during and
after the game both on and of the court.

HKBALLERS/ABA friends, wish you continue enjoying our games.

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